Another way to enjoy the plants is to cover completely vertical walls with metal structures that allow the plants to live and develop as in a garden, but vertically. This solution allows smoothing all those constructions that, by direct impact of construction elements such as concrete, wood or prefabricated, generate a cold and lifeless environment. A vertical garden can have many uses, be in small spaces or even cover the facades of buildings in their entirety. On the other hand, the vegetal roofs convert any building cover of a building, sports pavilion, car park or warehouse into a new green area within the nucleus where it is located. In addition to the aesthetic effect, they offer energy savings for housing. Some of the advantages of incorporating these structures are, among others, the minimization of visual impact, the reduction of heat radiated within the same urban area, the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen, thermal insulation against temperature variations, protecting the waterproofing, improving the soundproofing and, aesthetically, improving the overall image of the construction.

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